Ardis - FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need an optimizer?Your sawyer should be cutting, not thinking about cutting? Calculating maximum material yield is a complex task for large part lists. Especially when design decisions are being made much closer to production. This is a mechanical task much better left to machines. What if scenarios can be played out easier during purchasing especially when only certain sheet sizes are available.

Do I need an optimizer if I don't have a beam saw?Yes. Everyone needs to maximize their material use.

Where would I get training?Training is available available either onsite or in a classroom setting from Eurosoft Inc., a leader in CNC panelsaw links and software service.

Are all optimizers created equal?Apparently not.


  • Reduces waste with better yield.
  • Increases saw efficiency by better stacking.
  • Eliminates manual part entry at saw.
  • Automate cutting matched parts.


  • Easy part input.
  • Custom reports.
  • Links with most saws.
  • Groups grained parts such as door/drawer parts.
  • Control layout complexity.